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RUSSIAN made 0.1-10kW Transmitting Tubes  Data-Sheets
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Power Triodes:

3CX800A7 (Svetlana 3CX800A7)
572B (572)
8874 (Svetlana 3CX400A7)
GM-70 (Ulyanov GM-70, GM70, audio tube)   and   
GMI-42B (high voltage shunt regulator,pulse modulator)
GI-6B (GI6B)  
GI-7B (GI7B, GI-70B -without  cooler, water cooling)  
GI-7BT -Tropical (GI-70BT-w/o cooler, for water cooling)  
GI-21B (GI21B)  
GI-23B (GI23B)  
GI-46B (the last and best version of GI-7B series)
GI-39B (the pulse version of GS-31B microwave Trode) 
GS-9B (the more microwave version of GI-7B series)
GS-31B (GS31B,GS31) 
GS-35B (GS35B,GS35)
GU-5B (GU5B)
GU-48 (GU48)  
Power Tetrodes:
These Soviet development and production Power Tetrodes is the Best on the World.  Take unique High performance!

GS-3A (GS-3A)  
GS-15B (GS-15B)  
GS-23B (GS-3A)  
GS-36B (GS36B, "Svetlana 4CX400a" )  
GU-39B-1 (GU-39B)  
GU-43B (GU43B)  
GU-47B (GU47B)  
GU-70B (GU70B)  
GU-73B (GU73B)  
GU-74B (GU74B, "Svetlana 4CX800a" 
GU-78B (GU78B)  
GU-84B (GU84B, for U.S. market "Svetlana 4CX2500a")  
GU-91B (GU91B, for U.S. market as "Svetlana 4CX1600a)  
GU-93B (GU93B)  
GU-96B (GU96B)  

Power Pentodes:

GU-50 (GU50)  
GU-81M (GU81M)  

Note: It is sceptical to read these factory datasheets for Russian tubes. These tubes is designed in USSR without any market and a competition. Product absolutely did not require any advertisment. And manufacturers indicate double smaller limits of time of service, warranty output Power, anode voltage, etc. This reduce its warranty responsibility before military customer. Really parameters is much better!


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