2m GS35B PA

 2m 2,5-4KW RX1AS style.The best 2m GS35B PA

 2m  40w to 1kW  GS35B PA

 2m GS35B PA

 2m+70cm DL4MEA

 2m 2XGS35B PA from F5MSL,F1FRV

 2m GS35B PA   100W to 2kW

 2m GS35B 2-4kW PA (copy from RX1AS)

 6m 2kW GS35B PA   Made in Japan   FB

 6m,4m,2m.70cm  GS35B PA for  "Lazy Builders"

 6m 1,5kW GS35B PA


 6m 60W>1,5kW  GS35B PA from GW8IZR VFB!

 70cm 2KW GS35B PA

  HF GS35B  1,5kW PA from PA3HBT

  HF 3xGS35 6.0kW PA   HF  GS35B PA from W5RR (Henry 2K mod.)

  HF  GS35B PA from WB8WJU

  HF 160m  GS35B PA from VK3ZL

  6m/HF 1,5kW GS35B PA from GD0TEP

 6m 1,5kW GS35B PA from W7IUV

 Sale KITs for 2kW VHF/HF GS35B PA  VFB!

 HF  GS35B "Discovery" UK made PA's



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